7890 (2011)


1. Dignity of Funky
2. Sneaker Keys
3. Cotton Pillow
4. Avacado Skool
5. Vortex Shift
6. Space Function
7. Hearing Shapes
8. Squeeze Beat Trance
9. Electro Shark
10. Vertical Generator
11. For Real
12. Sugar Lounge
13. Stars of the Sleeping
14. Ripe Business
15. Conspiracy Angels
16. Twisted Season

All tracks ©2011 Ken Elkinson. Published by pigFACTORY USA LLC (ASCAP) except “Cotton Pillow” and “For Real” Published by Far Blue Music (ASCAP). Produced by Ken Elkinson. CD cover image art – Untitled by Siena Elkinson, 2011. Under CD tray photo by Laura Joseph. Photo of Ken by Ben Singer. Ken’s hat by Goorin Bros., sunglasses by Maui Jim, t-shirt by Surfing Cowboys, watch by Skagen, jeans by Five-Four Clothing, socks by Goldtoe.