Active Media Products – Active Media Products makes unique and innovative USB drives, and is a leader in SSDs for netbooks and laptops.

Ambrosia Software – Home to many quality shareware games and utilities for the Mac OS including Wiretap Studio (which Ken uses) and iToner.

Analysis Plus – Amazing scientifically engineered cables – once Ken tried their dark chocolate cable, there was no going back – except for their Yellow oval cable of course.

Arthur George – High fashion socks from Rob Kardashian. Combining Ken’s love of the Kardashians and socks.

Audioquest – The largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. Ken rocks the Golden Gate cables like none other.

Beep Street Software – focused on creating innovative music software including Ken’s beloved iPad go to synth Sunrizer.

Best-Tronics Manufacturing – Dedicated to serving the telecommunications and electronics industries as a contract manufacturer – the only MIDI cable Ken trusts.

Blue Microphone – Blue Microphones captures the best possible sound through state-of-the-art-technology and an unmatched attention to detail, whether in the studio or at Ken’s home.

Bösendorfer New York – Makers of the world’s finest pianos – Ken recorded Revelry, OpalCue as well as most of Borrowed Tracks and Link on a Bösendorfer 200.

Buskerdoo LLC – Blank and printed cd/dvd sleeves, mailers, and photo mailers. Buskerdoo also offers many types of dvd cases and cd cases.

ClearBags – The preferred packaging solution for artistic professionals world-wide including Ken.

CRU-Dataport – A pioneer in data security, encryption and data mobility devices since 1986. While Ken is not rugged or tough – he is overly secure. Thankfully his ToughTech mini external hard drive is all 3 – keeping his precious master tapes safely stored away from pirates, hackers and bad imposters.

Dave Cutler – Award winning illustrator and artist, created the cover for Midnight Conversation exclusively for Ken.

Digital Deck Covers – Custom Dust Covers for Pro Audio, DJs, Speakers, LCDs, Printers/Scanners, Video Game Systems & Any Other Gear (including Ken’s prized Nord Lead 2X!)

Ecamm Network – Mac-friendly computer accessory company and maker of the iUSBcam – for all of Ken’s video chatting needs.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas – Luxury day spas and hair salons, and Ken’s primp since 2006.

Five Four Clothing – Ken is wearing jeans and a button down shirt from Five Four Clothing in the booklet of his 7th CD, Link.  Let’s just say that Ken makes Gwen Stefani look un-stylish – just kidding Gwen.

Focusrite – Maker of professional audio interfaces and preamps – with devices so amazing Ken can focus rite on the music.

Goldtoe Socks – High quality, durable, comfortable socks for the entire family, assume Ken is counted as a member of your family.

Grado Labs – “Truly the world’s finest Headphones and Cartridges” including Ken’s prized SR-80 model.

HA-67 Denim – Their slogan is Love and Wear. Ken loves to wear.

Hercules Stands – committed to building tough and strong instrument stands, especially strong enough to handle Ken’s piano rage.

Ike Behar – Hand-crafted, domestically-produced fine men’s designer shirts. Making Ken 100% more handsome since 2011.

Jeremiah Clothing – Established in 2007, Jeremiah presents classic Americana, outdoor-inspired, premium Ken’s and women’s clothing.

Kaces – Quality gig bags and instrument cases for the everyday musician. That would include Ken who is also the everynight musician.

LovShack – Ken’s guardian angel Michael Wilson’s restaurant chain with locations in West Lafayette, IN and Madison, WI. Serving calzones, salads and anything else a college student wants to get their hands on late at night.

Mainly – Everything you wanted to know about every solo piano artist – including Ken – but were afraid to ask.

Maui Jim – “Creating the most beautiful world under the sun” with incredible polarized sunglasses. Ken can be seen sporting Maui Jim’s not only in the CD booklet for Cue, but pretty much everywhere he goes (except indoors, because he is not Jack Nicolson cool.)

Microvision Development – maker of SureThing CD labeling options – the world’s favorite disc labeler. Giving Ken that professional look every time he sends out demo and home-made CDs.

Mimi Haddon Photography – Contemporary Venice Beach photographer specializing in fashion, kids, and conceptual photography and making Ken (who photographs terribly) look like Brad Pitt. (OK, maybe not exactly like Brad Pitt, but pretty darn good as evidenced by Ken’s picture on the homepage of this website.) Yes, she is that good.

New Age Music.Nu – Norway (and the world’s) authoritative source for New Age and Instrumental Music.

New Age Music World – Where the world and new age music come together in perfect harmony.

New Age Piano iOS App – a collection of relaxing and inspiring melodies. Featuring music, news, photos, videos, and more from 12 of today’s greatest New Age Pianists.

Oberon Socks – Dress socks with a kick, a kick so hard they kick Ken into high fashion.

Patriot Memory – Patriot Memory builds a full range of memory module and flash memory products, offering a perfect blend of quality and value.

Pexagon – While other companies are content to live by a “one model fits all” mantra, Pexagon has decided to pursue a different path with custom laser engraved storage solutions. Pexagon’s line of “Store-It™” flash drives and hard drives offers a choice of 14 colors, 6 capacities, and free laser engraving…..SAVE time, money and the environment!

Romero Britto – World renowned pop artist, lent the cover image for Ken’s CD Revelry.

SEO Magician – Search engine optimization, link building, and pay-per-click management.

Skagen Designs – Maker of unique yet attainable products such as watches, jewelry and sunglasses – and the only watch Ken will ever wear. Ken did not write the song “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” mainly because he would never have to ask this question thanks to Skagen.

Sol Robots – Sol Robots LLC is the maker of Crossword Forge and other high quality software. Ken used Crossword Forge to create the crossword puzzle style credits in the CD booklet for Cue. Beat that for creativity.

Surfing Cowboys – Unique one-of-a-kind items for you and your one-of-a-kind friends. Look for Ken sporting a Surfing Cowboys t-shirt inside the CD box set booklet of Music for Commuting.

Sweet Max’s – Caramel, chocolate and other handcrafted treats. Sweet Max is the Willy Wonka of 2010, rocking the Bay Area and candy making harder than the 1906 earthquake.

Todd Shelton – That of a Man. And Ken. Made in the USA, this clothing is more the real deal than Evander Holyfield.

Tom Freund – The critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter. Tom provides vocals and a re-worked version of his song “Beautiful Sadness on the Cue CD – marking Ken’s first ever vocal track.

UVI Synth and Sound Design – Maker of the UVI Workstation, a workstation for a workhorse like Ken.