Now that Prince has left the earth, Ken just retained the title of world’s most prolific musician. Rest in Peace Prince, Ken will never be as talented but he will be just as productive.

Even more exciting than that, in May 2016 on his ninth try, Ken finally won an elusive Zone Music Reporter ZMR Award – Best Electronic Album for Music For Commuting Vols. 7-12. He is no longer the Susan Lucci of the ZMR Awards, and proud of it.

Winning a major award had no effect on Ken’s output. 2016 has already seen: The Golden State (chillout), Independence Day Ambient (patriotic ambient music) and Space Time Nursery Rhyme.

If that is not enough to get your juices flowing – Ken has in the can the following new releases:  Around The Globe In A Lullaby Vol. 2 (childrens), Why (first original) solo piano since 2010, a Hawaiian music project, a Gypsy jazz project and an industrial/hardcore album all ready to roll. This does not even include the countless other projects in process and in the works. Speaking of Why, it is available for free digital download.  All you need to do is email with your ZIP/Postal code and you will magically receive a download link with the entire album and artwork. Why, more like Why not?

As Ken’s best friend once said, “You can rest when you are dead.” Ain’t that the truth.